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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who regulates IFSīs subsidiariesī operations?
A. Interbank and Interseguro are subject to extensive regulation and supervision by the Banking and Insurance Superintendency, SBS. You can find them online at Interbank is also subject to regulation and oversight by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Similarly, Inteligo’s subsidiaries are regulated by governmental entities in several jurisdictions, such as The Bahamas, Panama and Peru. Inteligo Bank is subject to the regulation and supervision of the Central Bank of The Bahamas and its branch is subject to regulation by the Superintendency of Banks in Panama (Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá), while Inteligo SAB is subject to the regulation and supervision of the SMV in Peru.
Q. Who regulates Lima Stock Exchange (LSE) listed entities?
A. Interbank, Interseguro and IFS are listed on the LSE. The Superintendency of Securities Market regulates all listed entities. You can find information regarding all listed companies at
Financial Information

Q. What is IFSīs fiscal year?

A. The Companyīs fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December  31. By quarter:

            First Quarter               Jan. 1- Mar. 31

            Second Quarter          Apr. 1- Jun. 30

            Third Quarter              Jul. 1- Sep. 30

            Fourth Quarter            Oct. 1- Dec 31


Q. When does IFS release its earnings reports?

A. Earnings reports are typically released about five weeks following the close of the fiscal quarter. You can find the date of upcoming releases on our IR calendar at


Q. What year and where was IFS incorporated?

A. Intercorp Financial Services Inc., was established in Panama on September 19, 2006 as part of the Intercorp’s corporate restructuring process. The corporate reorganization aimed to simplify the groupīs structure by joining the companies that operate in the financial services industry in Peru, Interbank and Interseguro, under IFS. Years later, on July 18, 2014, the board of directors of IFS approved the acquisition of Inteligo, effective on August 1, 2014. We believe that Inteligo strengthens our position as a leading provider of diversified financial services in Peru, since it complements our banking and insurance segments with a rapidly growing and highly profitable wealth management business.


Q. When did IFS start operations?

A. IFS began operationg on January 19, 2007.


Q. When is IFS annual meeting of stockholders?

A. Typically, the Companyīs annual meeting is held mid april, but the date is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The projected annual meeting date is listed in IR Calendar.


Q. Who are the Financial Analysts that follow IFS?

A. Please go to our section entitled Analyst Coverage for a listing of the financial analysts that follow IFS.


Q. What is IFSīs disclosure policy?

A. Please see our communication and information transparency section under Corporate Governance.


Q. How may I obtain copies of IFSīs financial information?

A. Most of the Companyīs reports and financial statements can be printed or downloaded from the Annual Reports and Quarterly Information sections of this site. If you still need a copy mailed to your address, you may request the materials by filling the form in the  Contact Us section.


Stock Info

Q. Where are IFSīs shares traded?

A. IFS common stock is traded on the Lima Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol IFS. IFS shares are also traded OTC in New York.


Q. What is IFS Bloomberg symbol?

A. Itīs Bloomberg symbol is IFS PE.

Q. Where can I see IFSīs share price?

A. Bloomberg, the LSE webpage at or on this webpage under the "Stock Information" tab.

Q. What is IFSīs average trading volume on LSE?

A. During 2008 the average daily amount traded was US$778,000 or 46,000 shares. During 2009 the average daily amount traded was US$1,121,000 or 92,000 shares. During 2010 the average daily amount traded was US$1,446,000 or 56,000 shares. During 2011 the average daily amount traded was US$615,000 or 22,000 shares. During 2012 the average daily amount traded was US$767,000 or 24,000 shares. During 2013 the average daily amount traded was US$868,000 or 25,900 shares. During 2014 the average daily amount traded was US$871,000 or 27,600 shares. During 2015 the average daily amount traded was US$777,000 or 27,900 shares.

Q. What are the standing IFS shares?

A.   1.    ISIN PAP5626F1020 - SEDOL# B1YZ331 - Listed in Lima/trades in US$

       2.    ISIN PAP5626F1020 - SEDOL# B1YZ3L9 - REG S Shares - Listed in US -CUSIP P5626F102

       3.    ISIN US45866E1073 - SEDOL# B1Z72F1 - 144a Shares - Listed in US - CUSIP# 45866E 107


Q. How do I invest in IFS stock?

A. IFS common stock can be bought or sold on the LSE through a local stockbroker or any other bank or financial institution that offers brokerage services in Peru. Shares can also be purchased or sold in the OTC market in NY.

Q. Who settles and registers LSE operations?

A. This is done by Cavali, their web page is

Q. Does IFS have a Stockbroker?

A. Inteligo SAB is the Intercorpīs stockbroker. You can find information on them at

Q. What are the settlement procedures if I buy IFS shares in the Lima Stock Exchange or OTC in NY?

A.   If you trade IFS in the local market, you have to deliver shares locally in order for the broker to settle its trades with the LSE, no matter which name you are trading. As shares in Peru are nominative, a Cavali number must be assigned to book the trade vs the Lima Stock Exchange. If you cross stock at the LSE, you cannot assign the same Cavali number for buyer and seller as the system would not accept same number for one print. That is a regular procedure at the LSE. 

If you own REG S (US listed) ISIN# USP5626F1020 and sell it in the local market, shares can be delivered to a local stockbrokerīs Cavali DTC # 2011 Sub account directly without conversion. 

If you own 144A Shares (US listed) ISIN# US45866E1073 and sell it in the local market, you cannot move the shares directly via DTC to Cavali DTC 2011. Shares have to be sent to Bank of New York DTC 9011 and converted into REG S Shares ISIN# USP5626F1020. Then they can be accepted by Cavali DTC 2011 Sub accounts in Lima.


Q. Does IFS pay a dividend on common stock?

A. Yes, IFS pays out yearly cash dividends. Please see our stock information section for details on past and upcoming dividends.

Q. When did IFS begin trading on the stock market?

A. IFSīs initial public offering was on June 20, 2007 at $14.00 per share. IFS began trading on the LSE on June 21, 2007 under the ticker symbol IFS.


Q. Has IFS stock split?

A. No IFS stock has never split.


Q.How do I contact IFS Investor Relations?


Carlos Rodriguez

Investor Relations
Intercorp Financial Services Inc.
Tel. (511) 219 2000 Ext. 29029

Veronica Miyagusuku
Investor Relations
Intercorp Financial Services Inc.
Tel. (511) 219 2000 Ext. 29028

Torre Interbank
Carlos Villaran 140
Lima 13, Peru


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