General overview
About us

IFS is a leading provider of financial services through banking, insurance and wealth management businesses, as well as the recent integration of Izipay enhancing our payments ecosystem. Our purpose is to empower all Peruvians to achieve financial well-being, and as such, we have built an integrated financial services platform in the fast-growing, underpenetrated and profitable Peruvian financial system. We have invested in building a leading and scalable digital platform (mobile and online), which is rapidly being adopted by existing and new customers and complements one of the largest distribution networks in the country (financial stores, ATMs, correspondent agents, dedicated sales forces, financial advisors, and call centers). 

We manage our business in four segments: banking, insurance,wealth management and payments, that complement each other and represent diversified sources of revenue. Our banking segment operates through our subsidiary Interbank, which is a universal bank with strategic focus on retail banking. Our insurance segment operates through our subsidiary Interseguro, which is an insurance company with key focus on life and annuities in Peru. Our wealth management segment operates through our subsidiaries Inteligo Bank, Inteligo SAB and Interfondos, which together provide wealth management, private banking, financing, brokerage, advisory and other investment services mainly focused on emerging wealthy. Finally, Izipay, which is a pillar for building our payments ecosystem.


Our purpose is to empower all Peruvians to achieve financial well-being. By doing so, we believe that we can help our clients to access the same opportunities to build and assure their futures. As a result, we have built a “two-tier” digital strategy, focused on (i) fully digitalizing our operations, including our product offerings and services and (ii) finding new sources of growth through our digital solutions and payment ecosystem, open banking alliances, and RappiBank. Our strategy is focused on four main pillars:

  • Building on our strengths through simple and innovative solutions, a simplified experience and optimizing physical channels;
  • Connecting with our customers by implementing an active listening approach and promoting high levels of engagement to them;
  • Collaborating to grow through different alliances to be available when and where our customers need us to be; and
  • Consolidating our capabilities such as advanced analytics, technology, best talent and our commitment to ESG.

We have established a premier financial group with leading market positions in each of our primary business segments. We believe that our market share, focus on targeted and profitable segments, scale and highly recognized and trusted brands, combined with adoption of innovative technologies and increasing integration across our business segments, strongly position us to capitalize on the future expansion of the Peruvian economy.

  • Leading financial services provider focused on retail customers and highly attractive businesses.
  • Track record of sustained growth supported by our strong market share and high profitability.
  • Digital financial services platform with rapidly increasing levels of adoption.
  • Convenient and innovative nationwide omni-channel distribution network with a distinctive customer-oriented approach.
  • Prudent risk management resulting in high asset quality, strong liquidity and high investment returns.
  • Increasingly integrated business platform with synergy potential supported by a strong parent group.
  • Diversified funding base with strength in retail deposits.
  • Experienced management team with proven ability to foster a merit-based culture and a highly motivated work force.
  • Developing strategic alliances to challenge us continuously to offer high quality digital services to our customers.
  • Increasingly integrated business platform with synergy potential supported by a strong parent group.
  • Analytical excellence as a tool to become the company with the deepest knowledge of Peruvians.
  • Retain top talent with a unique culture, fostering a strong sense of achievement.

IFS is a corporation (sociedad anónima) organized in 2006 under the laws of Panama. We are the majority owner and controlling shareholder of three subsidiaries, Interbank, Interseguro and Inteligo, which comprise our banking, insurance and wealth management segments, respectively, as well as the recent integration of Izipay enhancing our payments ecosystem. We are responsible for coordinating, supervising and establishing their strategy and management policies. In 2007, we conducted an initial public offering of our common shares publicly in Peru and privately outside of Peru. In 2019, we listed our common shares in the New York Stock Exchange concurrently with the initial public offering of our shares in such market.

Interbank is an open-stock corporation (sociedad anónima abierta) that was incorporated in Lima, Peru in 1897 and formerly conducted business under the names “Banco Internacional del Perú S.A.” and “Interbanc”. In August 1994, as part of the government’s privatization efforts, 91% of Interbank’s share capital was acquired by Corporación Interbank, which subsequently transferred its holdings in Interbank to the Rodríguez-Pastor family through Intercorp Peru, a limited liability company organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas that is listed on the Lima Stock Exchange. After Interbank’s acquisition by Intercorp Peru in 1994, Interbank began conducting business under the name “Interbank” as part of a rebranding and modernization effort, and has become a leading universal bank in Peru.

Interseguro is a corporation (sociedad anónima) that was incorporated in 1998 by Intercorp Peru, pursuant to an agreement between Intercorp Peru and The Bankers Trust Company (“Bankers Trust”, at the time the controlling shareholder of Consorcio Nacional de Seguros S.A.A., the largest insurer in Chile) to benefit from the expansion of the insurance business in Peru. In connection with the sale of Bankers Trust to Deutsche Bank AG in 1999, Bankers Trust’s interest in Interseguro was sold to a group of Chilean investors, and in 2000 Intercorp Peru acquired the portion of Interseguro that it did not own.

Inteligo was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Panama in 2006. Inteligo Bank is a corporation that was incorporated in 1995 in The Bahamas and formerly conducted business under the names of Interbank Overseas Ltd. and Blubank Ltd. It is licensed by the Central Bank of The Bahamas to conduct various types of banking, trust, financing, investment and financial advisory services activities. Inteligo SAB is a corporation (sociedad anónima) that started operations in 1993. It is organized under the laws of Peru, and is licensed by the SMV to operate in Peru and conduct brokerage, custody, portfolio management and advisory services.

In July 2014, the board of directors of IFS approved the acquisition of Inteligo, effective in August 2014. This reorganization entailed the acquisition of 100% of Intercorp Peru’s shares in Inteligo by IFS in exchange for 19.5 million IFS common shares.

In May 2017, we signed a Share Purchase Agreement with Sura Asset Management S.A. (Colombia), Sura Asset Management Perú S.A. (Peru) and Grupo Wiese (Peru), for the direct and indirect acquisition of up to 100% of the shares of Seguros Sura S.A. and Empresa Administradora Hipotecaria S.A. The businesses incorporated into IFS under the transaction were mainly retirement annuities and individual life insurance operations. This acquisition materialized in November 2017.

In January 2019, we reorganized our wealth management activities at Inteligo by transferring Interbank’s mutual funds subsidiary, Interfondos, to Inteligo Group, where asset management is the core business.