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Executive officers - Inteligo

Name Position Year of birth Year Appointed Gender
Reynaldo Roisenvit Grancelli Chief Executive Officer 1969 2014 Male
Bruno Ferreccio del Río Deputy CEO 1976 2017 Male
Victor Vinatea Cámere Chief Operations Officer 1962 2017 Male
Gianina Gotuzzo Oliva General Counsel 1975 2017 Female
Daniel Yagui Yoshimoto Chief Financial Officer 1980 2020 Male

Reynaldo Roisenvit Grancelli

Mr. Roisenvit has served as Inteligo Group’s Treasurer since 2020 and as Chief Executive Officer since February 2014. He also serves as Inteligo USA’s sole Director and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Inteligo Bank since 2005. Mr. Roisenvit is also director of the Lima Stock Exchange, member of the Investment Committee of Interseguro and member of various committees, including Corporate Governance Committees, of Inteligo Bank. He previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Inteligo SAB, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Inteligo SAB, Chief of Research of Interfip Bolsa, Chief Executive Officer of Interfip Bolsa, Products Manager of Private Banking at Interbank and Portfolio Manager of Global Investment Advisory Group at the Compass Group, in New York. Mr. Roisenvit received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Universidad de Lima and a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

Bruno Ferreccio del Río

Mr. Ferreccio has served as Inteligo Bank’s Chief Executive Officer since May 2019. Previously, he served as Inteligo SAB’s Chief Executive Officer since July 2019 until September 2021 and as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Inteligo SAB since April 2017, and before that as Chief Commercial Officer since December 2015. In addition, he served as Inteligo’s Chief Financial Officer and as Inteligo SAB’s Financial Vice President since April 2014. Before joining Inteligo in June 2010 as Inteligo SAB’s Financial Manager and Chief of Products, Mr. Ferreccio was the Vice President of Futures and Derivates in Commodities at AAKOP LLC in New York, and Resident Engineer of HV S.A. CONTRATISTAS in Peru. He received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan and completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Victor Vinatea Cámere

Mr. Vinatea has served as Inteligo’s Chief Operations Officer since 2017. Mr. Vinatea has more than 30 years of banking experience. Before joining Inteligo, Mr. Vinatea held management positions in commercial and retail banking as well as in operations at different banking institutions in Peru. He has been director of La Fiduciaria and Intertítulos. Mr. Vinatea received a degree in business administration from ESAN and holds a master’s degree in business administration in Direction from INCAE and Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and has participated in international seminars related to banking at Harvard Business School.

Gianina Gotuzzo Oliva

Mrs. Gianina Gotuzzo has served as Inteligo SAB’s General Counsel since 2016 and Inteligo’s General Counsel since 2017. She has also served as General Counsel of InRetail Perú Corp. and Legal Counsel of Intercorp Peru from 2010 to 2016. Mrs. Gotuzzo was previously a Senior Associate of Hernández & Cía. Mrs. Gotuzzo was a professor of corporate law at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru for seven years, where she received her law degree in 1999. Mrs. Gotuzzo holds an LL.M. from Cornell University and was admitted to the New York Bar in 2002.

Daniel Yagui Yoshimoto

Mr. Yagui has served as Chief Executive Officer of Inteligo SAB and Inteligo Peru Holdings S.A.C. since September 2021. He also serves as Chief Financial Officer of Inteligo since August 17, 2020. He has over sixteen years of professional experience in multinational companies, including 10 years of experience in financial departments within several industries such as financial services, retail and consumer products, and over five years of experience leading business consulting projects performed in top companies in Peru, Argentina and Colombia. Mr. Yagui holds a master’s degree in finance from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Argentina and a master’s degree in business administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile.