Information transparency

Corporate governance

IFS and its subsidiaries guarantee that shareholders and the market in general are presented with relevant information in an accurate and timely fashion.

Accordingly, the Board prepares and submits financial statements in accordance with accounting principles established by International Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards (IFRS – IAS).

Company financial statements must contain, at the very least, the following information:
a) Profit and Loss Statement
b) Balance Sheet
c) Cash Flow Statement
d) Independent Auditor’s Report on the financial statements

IFS and its subsidiaries also ensure that profit and loss statements for the financial year, financial position, and corporate governance policies are available at all times to all shareholders and stakeholders. Additionally, IFS and its subsidiaries publish their annual reports, annual information documents and self-evaluations of compliance with corporate governance principles on their websites and through SMV in a timely fashion.

IFS and its subsidiaries have made a commitment to ensure that information about the company transmitted to the market in general and investors in particular is sufficient, reliable and timely. That said, information disclosed to the market must never jeopardize the competitive position of IFS or its subsidiaries, or be such as to affect their normal business activities.