IFS reorganizes mutual funds’ business from Interbank to Inteligo

Lima, Peru – January 08, 2019 –– Intercorp Financial Services Inc. (“IFS” or “the Company”) (BVL:IFS) announced that it will consolidate its wealth management activities at Inteligo by transferring Interbank’s mutual funds subsidiary – Interfondos S.A., Sociedad Administradora de Fondos (“Interfondos”) – to Inteligo Group, where asset management is the core business.

To execute this strategy, and following Interbank’s announcement of negotiations on December 18, 2018, today the bank concluded the sale of Interfondos to Inteligo Perú Holdings S.A.C. (“Inteligo Perú”), a subsidiary of Inteligo Group Corp.

Interfondos is a fully-owned subsidiary of Interbank and operates as a regulated mutual funds business in Peru with assets under management (“AUM”) of approximately S/ 4,500 million. This is compared to Inteligo Group’s AUM plus deposits of S/ 15,295 million reported as of September 2018.

The transaction was executed through a sale agreement between Interbank and Inteligo Perú for 100% of the shares of Interfondos. In consideration of Interbank’s minority shareholders, whose accumulated stock holdings account for 0.7% of the bank not owned by IFS, the transaction involved the appointment of a special committee of independent directors who ordered the preparation of a fairness opinion from a professional valuation advisor, as well as the engagement of legal and tax advisors.

The total value of the transaction amounts to S/ 148 million. On December 18, 2018 and today, Interbank has provided significant event filings (“Hechos de Importancia”) that include additional details of this transaction.

Michela Casassa, CFO of IFS and Interbank, stated: “In the immediate term, the transaction is neutral to IFS shareholders from a value-based approach. However, in the long-run we see it as highly valuable to IFS as it will support each of the involved subsidiaries in remaining committed to growth of its own core competencies.”

IFS –through Interbank, Interseguro and Inteligo– reaffirms its commitment to provide high quality financial services to our customers and to contribute to Peru’s sustainable growth.

Please, download the press release here.